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Frequent trips to Bosque del Apache in New Mexico are the main inspiration for these paintings. My husband is a nature photographer and this wildlife refuge, where flocks of migratory birds stop by to rest and replenish on their long journey, is his playground. I prefer to capture these relatives of the dinosaur in paint, putting my own spin on them without the shear honesty of the camera. Sadly, since the 1970's the earth has lost approximately 3 million birds due to the degradation of their habitat by human activity. Ironically, it's human activity that can stop us from wiping out the birds that are left. It will take a paradigm shift to stop looking at the earth's resources as something to be depleted, modified and start to value the earth and to treat it with respect.

Rock Wren
Acrylic on Wood
12" X 12"
Birds Eye View
14" X 22"
Hawk Over Franklins
15" X 11"
Violet-Green Swallow, Bird 3
Acylic on wood
12" X 12"
Tiny Bird
Acrylic & Sharpie
4" X 4"
Then, the Ravens Came
Watercolor/ pencil
14”X 20”