Susan Wester Perez

It's 2024 and I am feeling good about where I am. Making paintings is, and has been, the work of my life, albeit sporadically. Utilizing the time that is left to me to consistently immerse myself into the exploration of my creativity, is a gift bestowed upon me by the universe (with a little help from Jerry and "Lockdown"), that I warmly accept. As I grow older and look back at my early paintings, it feels like I am traveling back in time to visit my younger self. On the one hand it is satisfying to see the technical progression, but on the other, I find myself having to acknowledge that it does get a little harder to capture the fearlessness and sense of wonder that comes naturally to the beginner.

The way I organize my paintings into series keeps me interested and productive. So far his year "Churches" and "Cities" are being added to. Lately, I am feeling drawn to the architecture here at the border- so unique and lovely. Of course with the many hours we spend bird watching and hiking the southwest, "The Natural World" is never far from my mind, and I have added to that gallery as well.

My work can be found locally at these 3 beautiful shops:

"El Paso's Finest" 314 North Mesa St. (in downtown El Paso).

"The Ysleta Mission Gift Shop" 131 S Zaragoza Rd. (on the Mission Trail).

"The Art Soup Collective" @ Placita Santa Fe, 5034 Doniphan Dr. (Westside of town).

I also do local festivals and fairs so please follow me on Instagram @susanwesterperez to see where I will be next.

If you are interested in an image that is sold- fear not- I take custom print orders! Send me a message with all the details and I'll get back to you soon. Thank you.